Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jonathan Kusuma

Jakarta's Space.Rec have done it again! Their latest release from Jonathan Kusuma in the form of an EP entitled 'Misi' is simply superb and quiet easily my favourite release of recent months. Kusuma satisfies a whole range of musical interests by combining Punk Funk, Balearic, Nu Disco, Dub, Psyche, Electronica and much much more into three free-form, mainly instrumental, twisted and beautiful sonic landscapes; two of which could be useful for very left field dance floors. It's the third track 'Waiting Games' which is really doing it for me though; this down tempo, bumpy hybrid meander is lush with detail, mad bleeps, Spanish and Western guitars, off kilter synths and amazing textures. Check it and hunt out the rest of the ep here or here or here. Talent!

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