Sunday, July 04, 2010

Press Play #38 - Mark E

Mark E really doesn't need any intro's, so I'm not going to say much more than his mix for a.n.o.e. is superb and that I'm beyond delighted to have him on the site. Way beyond delighted. Marc's new label Merc (the new home to all things M.E.) is fast becoming one of those buy on sight imprints, go check out 'Special FX/Christo' his latest, for proof. Lastly here is how Mark himself describes this deeeeep journey...

"A rough sunny lazy afternoon journey through new / old records, promos and new remixes loosely merged to the back drop of the world cup vuvuzela. From slo-mo balearic mooders, RnB shakers, detroit deep bangers, to disco shufflers, french house phazers and deep house hottness, a pleasure to be asked to do the mix." ////// Mark E.

Press Play #38 - Mark E - Loves Got The World In Motion

1: Mock and Toof - Mr. Frown
2: Mim Suleiman - Mingi
3: Mix O Rap - All Party People
4: Ackin - Tembezi - (Mark E Remix)
5: Boyd Jarvis - In The Jungle
6: Aschwaan - Metro City Blues (3rd Strike)
7: Mariah Carey - Say Something Instr.
8: Tornado Wallace - Paddlin, (Linkwood Remix)
9: Cubby St. Charles - Party
10: You Know 01 - You Know
11: Gallifrie - Dont Walk Out On Love
12: Motorbass - Bad Vibes
13: Ricardo Miranda - Urbanism
14: Justin Vandervolgen - Clapping Song
16: Yuki Suzuki - Need Our Love


Anonymous said...

pls the track at 25 minutes....thx

chris keys said...

working on getting a tracklist...

Anonymous said...

Brutal mIx , Mark E delivers an astonishing ability to Mix soberb gems on a pulsating wavelenght. pure talent