Friday, July 09, 2010

telegraph is calling...

Sometimes I think this site gets a little too self referential, I guess it could be annoying to some, but you see there are all these idea threads I begin that lead into other idea threads and artists and labels nearly always return, hence I am constantly referring to older posts and discoveries... the rabbit holes go very deep. Anyway that said, sometime in March I posted up 'My Shade' the flip side to The Pawnshops very hard to find 'The Telegraph is Calling' 7" (which for some reason i called 'The Telegram is Calling'), a few readers asked if they could hear the A side. Here it is then, a highly sought after Psyche sitar trip from 1971.... (btw there is a second single worth hunting out too)

The Pawnshop - The Telegraph Is Calling


Anonymous said...

Braen, Kema & Raskovich a.k.a. Umiliani, Alessandroni & Sorgini. A Holy 3-some :)


chris keys said...

yes indeed!!