Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bradberry Turning Loose!!

Bonar Bradberry is undoubtedly one of anoe's favourite current producers, there is always at least one track on his releases which go straight into my dj'ing box, often more. Phonica writes of his new 12" on the ex Jiscomusic's Under The Shade, "While not the most prolific of producers, Bonar Bradberry surely knows a thing or two about how to work the dancefloor." While the latter part of the statement is spot on, the former simply is not; as one half of PBR Streetgang, as well as the unidentified man behind a couple of secret monikers, Bonar is one of the hardest working new talents on the scene, though oddly his Discoid 'Raum Strasse'/ 'Turning Loose' 12" for Under The Shade is his first solo release on a UK label. The fact that each of Bonar's dynamite originals come with superb remixes from Ray Mang and Ron Basejam only adds to this EP's appeal. Check out the steaming, Disco workin', Ron Basejam remix of 'Turning Loose' below for serious n soulful dancing and go spend money. Bomb! 

Oh and do yourself a favour and grab Bonar's promo mix for the release on soundcloud...

BonarBradberryShadyMixJuly by bonar


Almanac said...

Great recommendation, bought the record off the back of it! Only just stumbled aross this blog the other day, amazing stuff. :)

chris keys said...

the best news is always when someone tells me they bought the record, thanks for the comment and support. Bonar will be glad :)

glad you digging the blog.. nearly 4 yrs old.