Saturday, August 07, 2010


Continuing with our little 'crate digging only' weekend (and it's a long weekend here in SA, so I'll be here on Monday too), I was fiddling around on the shelves a minute ago and found Roger Glover's 'Elements' album and thought you need to hear at least one of the tracks on the B side, if you havent before. It's a shocker if you think this man was the lead singer and bass player for Deep Purple a few years before he recorded this fantastic free-form record. It took me awhile to get into the A side, but anything on the flip is wondrous. 'The Fourth Ring With The Wind' is perhaps my favourite. The album is reportedly quiet hard to find, but I've seen a few copies on Discogs and elsewhere for reasonable cash, so it cant be that hard, it is quiet special! (I got mine from me mums collection). Travelogue Bliss!

Roger Glover - The Fourth Ring With The Wind

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