Thursday, August 05, 2010

el harvo adriatic love affair

So I'm highlighting some stuff off Soundcloud alongside the usual content up here at the moment, just in case you missed a few of the real goodies. Dave Harvey of Futureboogie (that top class bunch of party heads down in Brighton), has a mix up on the Cloud which already got the attention of RA (mix of the week I think) and a load of beat crazed listeners/ downloaders; As you'd expect it's all sunshine, beach sand and underground beats.. dont miss it! 

El Harvo - Adriatic Love Affair - July 2010 by El Harvo - Futureboogie

1. Arthur Russell - How We Walk On The Moon (Youth Return To Base Edit)
2. Bubble Club - Violet Morning Moon (Dr Dunks Mix)
3. Soul Clap - Action Satisfaction
4. Donna Allen - Serious (Ron Basejam Edit)
5. Azari + 111 - Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Mix)
6. Ilija Rudman - Time + Time
7. BlackLodge + Alkalino - Breakin Bad
8. Nassau - Blackout (Nassau Rekutt)
9. Lovebirds - ? - (Hot Toddy Mix)
10. Solomun - Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur's Symhonic Mix)
11. Mousse T - ? - (Hot Toddy Mix)
12. Shonky - Maraboutage
13. INXS - Need You Tonight(Geddes + Ashken Re Edit)

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