Monday, September 13, 2010

paw to the floor

Wolf Music Recordings are back with a new Vinyl EP called 'Paw To The Floor' which features a bunch of very classy Discoid goodies from Greymatter, Session Victim, Francis Inferno Orchestra & The Dead Rose Music Company. Wolf are all about music for underground heads who love the sweet 'n sticky stuff; heart aching, chocolate lovin', heavy hooks re-fried for the modern groover. With a stronger focus on schmoov deep beats, the Wolf has chosen four delicious, dusty groove sampling, House workouts for their late summer (our spring), All four of these heads down, feel it in your veins tracks are thick with late nite atmospherics and tasty processed vocal snippets, but it's a tough call deciding which is the top tune on the 12". Maybe it's The Dead Rose Music Company's 'Just A Bitter Love', an epic bluesy heart breaker with a serious groove, or it could be Francis Inferno Orchestra's midtempo gem 'Time For Tea', another hip moving slice of the very deepest heat. Right now I have Greymatter's 'Only To Fall' on permanent rotation; it's an instant classic, a real call to dance! See if you can resist... Out on the 28th of this month.

   Greymatter - Only To Fall (Snippet) by NYSoul

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