Wednesday, November 10, 2010

montauk magic

Keeping things Swedish for a minute, you need to check out Stockholm label Sweet Surprise and their first release from Aeroplane favourite's Montauk. This duo claim they've made these edits because this is the only music they really want to hear when going out, and who wouldn't want to dance the night away to these two slo mo prize beauties. 'Energy' on the A side is a very pretty spacey and languid Moroder'esque drifter, did I mention how pretty it is? On the flip you'll find 'Magic', a more obviously Disco track with lovely handclaps, pulsing Cosmic keyboards and a striking bass line; I know this track, but I just cant remember who the original is by (my memory is just too full up... or something). I can say they've stretched it out very nicely and have created a superbly hypnotic and epic mid tempo dancer from the original. Oh I really should know who it's by.... Montauk have already impressed with their previous single 'Holiday', they're clearly focused on quality, ' Nordic', leftfield and floaty sounds and I hear they have more new work in the pipeline... check it!



Finger Magazine said...

original: Claudja Barry: Boogioe Dancing Shoes

chris keys said...

was driving me nuts. pulled the record this afternoon. :)