Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oslo '97

Back in '97 Rune Lindbaek cut a mix of some of his then favourite tracks for a very good buddy of his, Dj Robin Jackson. Jackson recently found the mix on an old DAT tape and send it back to it's maker, thus Mr Lindbaek then send it on to some of his friends and fans. Finally it has found it's way onto SmalltownSupersound's blog and these here pages for your listening pleasure. Rune says the mixing is a little sketchy in parts, but in fact i think it only adds to the mix' personality. The Disco revival was already in full swing by '97, Faze Action & Harvey ruled the earth, while Bear Funk & The Idjuts resuscitated the art of the edit by setting them on fire with multiple dub chambers, this is the sound of Rune's mix... good good, double good.

Rune Lindbaek DJ Mix From Oslo 1997 

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