Friday, November 19, 2010

press play #42 - eddie c

Currently touring Australia, Eddie C could well be described as one of the Slo Mo/ Edits/ Disco scene's heaviest hitters. Eddie came out of nowhere, well to be fair he's from the very beautiful Banff in Alberta, Canada, and in just over two years he's featured on or been the main attraction with 11 singles and EP's (actually its more than that). Having graced labels like Jisco Music, Flashback, Sleazybeats, Wolf Music, 7 Inches of Love & Home Taping, amongst others, with his deep, lush and beautiful grooves, C is constantly name checked by every major playa this end of the underground. The fact is, the guy hardly needs an introduction.

For Press Play 42, Eddie hands in a moody and masterful mix of Disco tinged, heavily layered, abstract, atmospheric, Shuffle House & Electronic fire, actually trying to describe it would be as pointless as introducing the man. I suggest, as i usually do with these things, that this sonic journey is an essential, even unmissable soundtrack to your life, them is the facts... Huge thanks go out to Eddie for this wonderful, future soul trip.. feel the heat...

press play #42 - eddie c - thermal rising

track list:
01. Tiago - Rider (Cos/Mes Remix) (Ene)
02. Jus-Ed - Pain (Love and Distance Mix by Anton Zap) (Underground Quality)
03. Tornado Wallace - Paddlin' (Linkwood Remix) (Delusions of Grandeur)
04. Four Tet - Love Cry (Domino)
05. Coyote - Moving (Still Going Remix) (International Feel)
06. The Backwoods - Sunstream (Ene)
07. ESP Institute - Rocks In Me (ESP Institute)
08. Cos/Mes - Gozmez Land (ESP Institute)
09. Bobby Konders - Massai Women (Nu Groove)
10. Holy Ghost Inc. - Walk On Air (Sun and Moon Mix)
11. Mark E - Nobody Else (Running Back)
12. Eddie C - Tell Me (Tornado Wallace Remix) (Home Taping is Killing Music)
13. Eddie C - Rising (Kolour Limited)


smassmusic said...

please Please PLEASE make sure that tracklist appears. did y'all hear the mix eddie posted on soundcloud this past summer? it was called "everythying is OK," i think. the best mix i've heard this year, with the situation edition of "press play" running a close second. :)

chris keys said...

there will definitely be a track listing following soon. Eddie is on tour so it depends on his availability. hang 5. glad to hear you enjoyed the Situation mix. I also love that Eddie C soundcloud mix - brilliant!!

Unknown said...

Aww, thank you for this mix. Eddie C is the best DJ I've never heard of. Saw him at a daytime afterparty at DEMF this last year and hands down best set of the day. Keep it goin', mang!

Unknown said...

yeah what he said ^^ Eddie's set at TV Bar was the best of the D for me. massv.

chris keys said...

couldn't agree more about Eddie being amongst the best.. sounds like we missed a top gig.. ta for the comments

Laetitia said...

Hey guys! Eddie will be touring in Europe in February 2011. If you are interested, send an email to! cheers

Sleazy Beats said...

Great mix, loads of curveballs too, lovely

Unknown said...

HA! Just got back from Detroit and came back to this page. Same TV Bar, same party, same patio, one year later Eddie C sounded even better and still the best set of the whole damn weekend!
Genre: Correct.

chris keys said...

nice one, wish i was there to catch it. i'm a big fan :)