Thursday, February 10, 2011


Montauk are back with an ep called 'Boys'. 'Kenny', 'Ned' & 'Phil' are the boys names. Each boy is kinda edited, kinda remixed, certainly they've been Montauked, which if you don't already know, means being polished to within an inch of their lives. Sounds a wee bit kinky but of course there's more to it than that; 'Kenny' is a rework of a Kenny Loggins track, 'Ned' is Doheny's 'Get It Up For Love' re-tweaked, dubbed and scrubbed & 'Phil' continues what the Idjut Boys started on Mr Collins' back catalogue a little while ago (don't ask me which track cos i really don't know the man's tunes). There's a science to what Montauk do, a chemistry even; sonically these Swedes get inside the original tracks, practically remastering the sound, the bass lines are thicker, the beats chewier, the separation is more spacey, maybe its just really slick compression. The Doheny track in it's original form (huge), likewise the Tata Vega version (massive), have already gotten busloads of attention and while Montauk's take is pretty mighty (very mighty), I'll probably land up playing their 'Kenny' more than their 'Phil' or their 'Ned'. Take your pic, they're all sexy, slo mo and definitely packin' heat... (pay money for these bad boys here)

Montauk - Kenny 

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