Friday, February 25, 2011

soft touches of love

The beard must explore, it's like a rule... and beards know Folk bins yield forth many a great gift. By the way the old english word 'asgift' meant 'payment for the wife', in Dutch the word came to mean 'Poison' (gif). Thus should you need an excuse to get over to the local car boot sale to check out some possible Folk gems, you might try telling the trouble and strife 'your poison is payment for the wife', if she needs further explainin', tell her 'with you in a good mood, she might just get you to finish that half forgotten walk in shoe cupboard she always wanted'... or play her C.O.B.'s 'Soft Touches Of Love' instead, a track you're not likely to find up the park on any sunday soon, unless you're very lucky! Apparently this LP changes hands for notes with big numbers on them, it's a real grower with very olde english imagery and almost melodies with ernest voices and rich and beautiful tones throughout ....

C.O.B. - Soft Touches Of Love


bokut said...

this is good

i think my beard have just grown

chris keys said...