Monday, March 28, 2011

incoming cosmic gold!

Ok before a.n.o.e. turns into a soft porn site (yeah yeah I know you lot at the back love those pics), let's get back to the new stuff... Stuart Robinson's primo Cosmic Boogie label has an upcoming 12" which features a couple of edits from heavyweight crate digger, dj and all round good guy Sean P. Stu recently expanded on his Cosmic empire by introducing record buyers and dancers to his new label Boogie Originals, their first 12" (listen here if ya aint heard it) is a fine fine thing. But sir Robinson really hits it way out of the park with this new one for his first love Cosmic Boogie. 'Sunrise/You Make Me So Hot' has been on permanent rotation since i received the promo a few weeks back, I just cant get enough of these two grooves. Imagine for a minute just how many promo's I get in the post, sifting through the tunes can be quiet a mission and rare is the moment I get really blown over with goose bumps and glee. Sean 'The Knowledge' P's magic magic 12" is one such moment, it elicits such delight that I almost cant write a sensible thing about it. It's not even like either of the original tracks are that obscure; 'Sunrise' is a Rose Royce track from 'Carwash', 'You Make Me So Hot' is a superb slo mo single from Barbara Lynn. Sean not only repositions the spotlight onto these lesser known tracks, he also adds that special alchemy required in a good edit. Get this when it's out, it's one of those records you'll be spinning for years....

Sunrise - Sean P Edit by Cosmic Boogie

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