Sunday, April 17, 2011


Dominic Dawson has been making underground club bombs for years. Hydraulic Dog's 'Shake It' would be the one that crossed over for him back in 2000 and as such is probably his most well known track. Every time I dropped it back then, someone would ask me to play 'that Daft Punk track' again, even Eric Rug quizzed me about it when I opened for him the same week I got it. The track captured that Disco/Touch House sound & time brilliantly, but it's by no means Dominic's best work... Personal favourites of his would be his remix of First Choice's 'Armed & Extremely Dangerous' on Arthur Bakers Minimal Records or his edit with Blackbeard of Pleasure's 'Joyous'... there are others. Anyway I was delighted to see his DJD moniker on the subject line of a promo send to me this week from new label Pacifica. The first of the three tracks on their debut 12" is Dominic's refix of Cuba Gooding's 1983 version of The Main Ingredient track 'Happiness', the result is a dubby, feel good Sound Factory'ish bump & grinder which I predict will be heard on more than just the Croation coastline over your summer. On the flip side you get 'Chunga Funk', a superb and breezy Afro Caribbean Disco workout of an original by sought after French band Tumblack, and also 'Arkade Funk' a B boy, icy Electro, oddball bruiser. The 12"s themselves also look very classy, the mastering is superb, so it's an all round quality item and I for one will be playing 'Chunga Funk' repeatedly. Check it..

Pacifica 001 - DJD 'Happiness' by Pacifica Records


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for such a glowing review!

Drop me a line sometime and I'll update you with some up coming projects.



chris keys said...

DJD in the HOUSE!!!! :D