Friday, April 29, 2011


On a bit of roll here, no edits since Record Store Day and a li'l spotlight on some of the hottest original tunes going on right now. Seriously here is another record that really blows the lid off with quality. Queens based label *DanceCamp* Music just dropped their second 7", this time by Discovery, a Brooklyn outfit with star power in their veins. Their track 'Starmagic' is super fresh Boogie/NY Disco/Cowbell Funk and the flip side remix by label boss Alfredo Romero is massive. It all seems a little mysterious; a boutique label out of Queens, a live band with real Disco chops, a golden nugget 7" only release... But really what you have here is a guy who's hearts deeply in it, he's really obsessed with good tunes, he has a real history on the scene and now he's pimping hot vinyl with his own label designed for open minded music lovers. You may already know Alfredo from his 90's Acid Jazz hit 'Deep Vibes' as Swing Machine or from any one of his fine collaborations with House genius Pal Joey (on Loop D' Loop) and if you're a New Yorker you'll definitely know him from his many gigs around town over the years, backing heavyweights like Afrika Bambaata, Kool Herc, Cannibal Ox and others. Alfredo's thing is playing what's good across a multitude of genres, you can hear it in his warm and Dubby, Psychedelic 'Moonlight' remix on the flip side of Discovery's single (check the clip below).

Discovery have their own history, which includes playing in NYC for years, drawing influences from Disco, Prog Rock and Latin quarters and an evolving line up that's had some very influential New Yorkers at varying times. They've an album out and have been known to do the occasional cover of tracks by Debbie Deb or Smokey Robinson amongst others. What's important for the minute, is this single on *DanceCamp* Music. Check stores and the labels own web site to get your hands on it... Killer! (the clip below is not the full track, this is all about getting the vinyl)

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