Monday, May 02, 2011


It's ridiculous how many tracks, mixes and albums I'd like to write about, but I never find the time to get to them all. It bothers me a lot. Often people who have contacted me have to remind me about a post that I'd promised to write. Some eventually give up. I'm currently trying to improve on this (have you noticed?)...

So awhile back Benji, a great digger and dj from Berlin got hold of me to say he'd done a mix for a.n.o.e. and that he'd made it available on Soundcloud. It's a great Cosmo Disco set and I've been meaning to mention it to you for sometime. Benji was amongst those who contributed to the superb and much missed CBS Network, he's been dj'ing since he was a kid (in the early 80's) and he has a deep love for obscure dance music. He also used to run a weekly show with digger Marko Koenig which focused on hard to find Disco and Italo on Berlin's Twen-FM. Benji knows his onions and if you've been paying attention you'll have followed the link to some of his older mixes which i've had up on the sidebar for months. He's also Dj'ed alongside people like Loud-E, so you know you're in excellent company. Check out his crazy mixed up set "Die Kleine Disse Am Ende Der Strasse" below, I love it (you can download it too if you like). Also go check out his most recent radio show (only days old) with Marko up on soundcloud... learn, love, laugh... dance!

Die Kleine Disse Am Ende Der Strasse by Benji_DF

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