Friday, June 03, 2011

feel my tears.

As you're probably already aware, a.n.o.e. loves Danny Red Rack'em, in fact we've been practically stalking the man since his first release on Tirk back in 2008. Since then Danny's had an amazing run, developing his particular brand of Machine Soul over a number of releases, culminating in the creation of his own label Bergerac. 'Feel My Tears' is the label's second 12" release and typically it contains three very fine, original work outs from Rack'em, it's also just in at the stores. Check the clips below, my personal favourite has to be the second track 'Courting', it's classic Detroit influenced Rack'em superbness. I asked Mr Berman how his recent move to Berlin has been and also what it's like making music for his own label. Here's what he had to say...

Making tracks for my own label.

I started my own label Bergerac for a number of reasons. One was that I didn't really know which labels to approach with the types of music that I was making. It seemed easier to just put them out myself rather than run the a+r gauntlet. I also wanted to get more involved in the marketing and image of my music so I have really enjoyed working with Silke Eiselt and Alex Traska on the artwork and design. Silke is illustrating every house or building of significance in my life chronologically for each release so we're currently waiting for someone to take a pic of my first ever flat in Edinburgh for the B side of the third release. The current release is my the house I grew up in and my primary school.

Another reason is that I wanted to retreat from the industry a bit as it all seems totally hype driven these days and although I know that this is nothing new, ironically the easiest way to escape all that bullshit was to do my own label and create my own enclave.

Also I am getting sent so much good unreleased music for my radio show. So watch this space as I am hoping to start a label soon focusing on the great new production talents that are sending me stuff to play. Loads of great stuff out there is being ignored and I get sent a load of shit promos every week so I think there's a message in there somewhere..

Move to Berlin

Moving to Berlin is the best thing that's happened to me in years. I am in a brand new place with brand new people, making my way in life again. I met my oldest friends in Berlin last November so as you can imagine the social side of things has been really fresh and exciting, I have met so many cool people and been made to feel so welcome. I am loving the newness of whole situation. I have actually hardly been here since I moved due to touring so I am still totally learning about the city. Just working out the public and checking the architecture has been inspiring for me.

It felt like the end of an era in the UK really. I had to push myself on to a better place. I was completely bored, demotivated and miserable in Nottingham and I didn't want to move to London. I think drastic situations need drastic solutions. And it's been totally the right move. I am back. I count myself as very lucky that I was able to take control of my life and make the changes necessary to keep moving as an artist.

Drop in on Danny's Redportage Vimeo channel to get a more in depth look at his world, it's definitely worth checking out and get this record!

Red Rack'em - Feel My Tears EP Clips - BERG002 by Red Rack'em

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