Wednesday, June 22, 2011

welcome stranger

Solei'd Music Group's first 12" 'Sale Away' by Hidden Fees is a fantastic record. It's a no digital, vinyl only release for starters, a great trend with a few select and current labels who clearly care a lot about their music, it's a very loveable trait! But then on playing the record it really is immediately apparent that this is something special. The original by Hidden Fees is a midtempo, NY, Disco not Disco, slice of rocking magic which features the voice of Shannon Funchess and is perfect for those edgier Indie sets. On the flip you'll find real dance floor gold with Welcome Stranger's 'Early Voyage Dub', a stuttering, pulsating monster of a jam. There have been a few tracks so far this year which push things to a new level for me, Claremont and Tiago's 'Birds' remix for one, and though it's not the same sort of thing, Welcome Stranger's Dub is another. It's a total transformation of the original and yet it retains it's NY flavour, albeit of a housier kind. As the sound clips below are quiet short, you'll not get the full impact of the mega dub and it's massive breakdown, I suggest you take my word for it and order the record, which you can do here, you wont regret it...both sides now!

Hidden Fees - Sale Away (Featuring Shannon Funchess) Sample by Solei'd Music Group

Hidden Fees - Sale Away (Welcome Strangers Early Voyage Dub) Sample by Solei'd Music Group

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