Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As you know I love a little obscure Disco Not Disco, which is why discovering Australian band Asphixiation's 1981 album 'What Is This Thing Called Disco' is such a pleasure. I don't expect to actually find one of the 1000 lp's that were originally pressed up and I imagine if they do hit the market they sell for high numbers. The whole record is excellent, it originally came with a bonus 12" which included some extra made 'for discotheques' tracks. One of my favourites on the album (and there are a few) is the wobbly, dub disco of 'Blurred Movements', it's all beats, bass and percussion for the most part, with a little minimal low-fi Disco added in toward the end, somehow reminding one of an edit technique which gets used a fair bit these days. Actually I think someone should do a proper re-issue of this classic and quirky 80's lp... (that's the original cover in the pic too)

Asphixiation - Blurred Movements

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