Friday, July 15, 2011

fried tofu 2

I recently got a promo of the second Fried Tofu edits 12"; a great set of deeply funky, block party styled dj edits which operate somewhere in the Ugly or Shoes end of things. The mysterious Fried Tofu is very clearly into keeping things raw and the original sound intact; he's not adding any heavy compression or housed up kick drums, but he's fiercely cutting things up to keep the heat up high and the dance floor rocking. He makes a very real point when he says "the good old kick drum of the 70's and 80's leaves some space for the beauty of the music to breathe", plus his old school slice n dice style also focuses in on the groove, the result is loose, live and lovely. With plays from Jacques Renault, Session Victim, Iron Curtis & the Sleazybeats crew you know he's moved a fairly wide spectrum of Disco and House heads with his bumping re-shuffles. Tofu isn't serving up deep crate finds, for the most part you'll recognise the source tracks, these are underground Disco classics we all know and love, but check out the clip below for how he brings his own magic to the floor... (the dirt and needle blowing audio in the clip is there to keep these tunes on vinyl)...

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