Friday, August 19, 2011

Press Play #52 - Lel Palfrey

Lel Palfrey hails from Edinburgh, he's addicted to vinyl and nurturing a craving for rotary mixers too (apparently 3 is not enough). If you live in the area you've heard him in local Bars and Clubs and you'll have already witnessed his passion for Soul, Funk, Boogie, Disco and House. Lel rides the wave between digger and party dj with a focus on much loved underground classics like Arthur Adams' 'You've got The Floor' and Skye's 'Ain't No Need'. You'll find his mix has a good blend of new bits, old stuff and lesser known gems, mixed up with the dexterity of a well seasoned dj. If you know our Press Play series well, then you'll also know we attempt to mix well known dj's with lesser known selectors, but with a strict eye on quality and scenes we dig. Lel delivers a top class, late night, groovin' basement mix for the heads, you'll be off the couch in no time.

You can catch the man playing a similar vibe - bar the Housey numbers - in a sweaty basement in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival at Ultragroove on Saturday 20th August at Cabaret Voltaire (not much notice I know), alongside Julio Bashmore and Gareth Sommerville, who runs, promotes and plays at the party. Or keep em peeled for upcoming gigs, this man knows his onions... Thanks Lel for dropping by, the rest of you get downloading. Big!!

Press Play #52 - Lel Palfrey's Basement Mix

Track list:
1. DBO - M.U.S.I.C [Audio Parallax Recordings]
2. RD76 - They Don't Tell The Truth (RD76 Edit) [Adult Music Entertainment]
3. War - The World Is A Ghetto (Special Disco Mix) [MCA Records Ltd]
4. King Tim III - Charley Says! (Roller Boogie Baby) [Spring Records]
5. Advance - Take Me To The Top (Instrumental) [X Energy Records]
6. DJ Vincenzini - In Search Of The Necronomicron [Pronto Recordings]
7. Skye - Aint No Need [Ananda Records]
8. Dubbyman - UUUUHHHH! [Ornate Records]
9. RD76 - The Prince Of The Beat (RD76 Edit) [Adult Music Entertainment]
10. Jesse Henderson - I Did It Again [Land Of Hits]
11. Sylvester - Tell Me (Remix) [Megatone Records]
12. Arthur Adams - You Got The Floor [Inculcation]
13. The McCrarys - Love On A Summer Night (Onur Engin Edit) [Disco Deviance]


dbo said...

Perfect start to the weekend ;)

chris keys said...

great track that. I'm on AP's mailing list but I think I missed this one.. gonna hunt it down..

Bethany said...

Lovely mix so far, but why does "Did It Again" sound like it was run through a cheese grater? Warping casualty?

chris keys said...

dont know Bethany! didn't pick that up myself..

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Can anybody provide me a link to the track titled: "The McCrarys - Love On A Summer Night (Onur Engin Edit) [Disco Deviance]" - preferably in wav/flac. If there are no .wav or .flac, please provide me an mp3 320kbps. I avoid using youtube to mp3 conversions. I also try to find audio files that maintain the original quality. If the single track cannot be found, can you provide the link to this mix? My email is - i'll try to return to this website page if it is still available. I tried clicking on the link above, but the mouse cursor doesn't allow the finger pointer to appear.

This would mean the world to me. Thank You and Blessings.