Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Right, I been wanting to talk about this record for awhile... Recent Press Play guest Lord Of The Isles has a new track out on Adult Contemporary (brought to you by the same clever clogs behind American Standard). 'Ultravoilet' follows the labels debut release with Beat Broker's 'Pacific Break' (a very fine item with a killer Reverso 68 remix on the flip), and it's a monster of note. But let's rewind for a minute... Loti, as he is known to those with ADD, has been rather busy since his visit to these pages. Most notably his fantastic Tina Turner 'What's Lord Got To Do With It' finally came out on American Standard a little while back. It's one of those tracks that's been up on Soundcloud for some time, certainly over a year. I'd been hammering it for at least that long on mp3, plus with 'With An Angel' on the flip side, the 12" is a welcome and necessary addition to my collection. Loti followed it with an EP of original material called 'Hot Blobs' on his own Little Strong Recordings label, it's a super record with a glimpse into the man's deep archive of sounds. You get the feeling he's pushing less immediately accessible material here, tunes which the many labels he's featured on might not have totally grasped in an A&R styled quick listen. Let it be said I think it's some of his finest work, it would be the Loti record to get (for me anyway) if it weren't for the very classy Adult Contemporary side which hits the stores any minute now.

'Ultraviolet' is one of 2011's top tracks without a doubt. It's a rolling contemporary Space Disco mind bender with a melancholy hook that will ravage your heart and soul. Strong words I know, but when you check the clip below (which also features a slice of the lovely dubbed out remix from the previously mentioned Beat Broker), you'll hear what I'm on about. Ok for now you only get to hear a short clip (thank the rippers for that) but trust me when I say the full track is mighty. I suggest you buy it on sight (did I mention it's on 180 gm vinyl) and play it as often as u can.

Last up, if you're a Loti fan, and you should be, head here, to check out a recent live set (his first) which is splendid indeed...

Lord Of The Isles - Ultraviolet (Original & The Beat Broker Ultra Dub) Samples by Adult Contemporary


Sheero said...

I've been waiting for what seems like a year for this record. Absolute killer!

chris keys said...

you and me both! killlla!!