Saturday, September 17, 2011

With their excellent 'Disco Power Play' edits album done and dusted, Soft Rocks drop in at ESP Institute with the wonky and dubby, genre folding original "We Hunt Buffalo Now'. Like anything else on the label, this beast sounds like none other and simply put is bloody genius. The single is one of a series which leads up to the release of 'The Curse Of Soft Rocks', their second LP of the year, only this one's all original material. Original really is the right word for 'Buffalo' too, how else would you describe a track that conflates Elvis via Lux Interior, Dub, The Clash, a Cantonese waltz and Primal Scream? If that isn't enough, the flip side has a remix from Andrew Weatherall that joins a handful of contenders for track of the year.. no doubts... Check the clips below and buy it on the 3rd of October. Massive!!!

[ESP007A] SOFT ROCKS - We Hunt Buffalo Now (snippets) by ESP Institute

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