Tuesday, September 06, 2011


If, for some reason, you're in Charleston, USA on the first Friday of any month, you're in luck. You can catch JAZ and Party Dad doing their combined Disco party thing at local joint 'The Upper Deck'. Personally, as a long time fan and friend of JAZ, I'd love to catch them spinning records. Having recently discovered Party Dad, only adds to the desire. But you're in luck anyway, as the duo, known as Ramada (when spinning together), have just dropped in with a fresh recording of part of their last night at The Upper Deck. It's a happy selection of classics, diggers gems and one or two more recent'ish bits. The recording is mostly of Party Dad, with a good slice of JAZ taking over around the 45 minute mark before handing the decks back to Tay who closes the proceedings. Sounds to me like a good night out, a few wobbly mixes suggests fun was had by all. The two will also be putting on a second roller disco party in October too, rightly and wonderfully named 'Heaven On Wheels'. So... more reasons to visit Charleston.

I've got quiet a few mixes to get up in the next short while, hope you're ready for 'em...

Ramada at The Upper Deck 

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