Monday, September 05, 2011

Press Play #53 - Sergio Rizzolo

One thing is certain, in the hunt for mixes from top diggers for a.n.o.e's Press Play series, you're really scoring well in 2011. I realise you may not know some of our contributors as well as you do others, but you can be sure the selection process is the same for all, hence every time I put one of these up I urge you to check it out regardless of who it's by. Anyway having said that let me present you with Press Play #53, a smorgasbord of lesser known and frankly completely unknown grooves (to me) found and mixed by one of Malmo's tuned in heads, Sergio Rizzolo. If you do a mild search of these pages you'll find we've been going on about him for years (as far back as 2008 to be precise). Sergio is a member of and dj's for a Malmo party collective called Prejka, they've been stirring up their crazy Swedish Disco sound over recent years along with fellow Malmo heads Parlour, Lugnet and others. I love this end of the scene, for it's mixed up, deep digging, free thinking take on music to dance to. Mr Rizzolo's 'Postcard From Schweeden' is yet another goldmine set made for your gold lovin' ears...
Definitely stop by Sergio's SoundCloud page for a gander at his excellent edits of obscure goodies (some damn fine tracks amongst them) and do also check his fantastic and long running blog Diskoakademin which is often, as the name suggests, a real learning experience. Lastly grab the mix and step inside the world of a Malmo Disco king.

Press Play #53 - Sergio Rizzolo - Postcard From Schweeden

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