Monday, December 12, 2011


I've been keeping an eye on Traveller Records for awhile now, with early releases from Bicep and Rayko and Alphabet City and links to Kojak Giant Sounds, it was inevitable. But things got a lot more interesting over their last three outings. First off the label re-issued Jerline & Friends 'Joy Trip pt2' (a track i nattered on about some years back) as well as 'Tell Me' a superb groover from Jerline Shelton and her gang. It's a legit re-issue with the tracks being licensed from the original label, so major kudos there. The label quickly followed the 7" with a brilliant re-issue of original House tracks from Creation, Fantasy and X-Man. 'Deep' & 'Reach Out' hail from a time when House music was made on machines; warm analogue sounds, heaps of Soul and authentic art make this release unmissable. 

Most recently Traveller launched Ultimate Man's 'The Prologue', a killer House monster with Ravey stabs and a warehouse energy onto the airwaves. Ultimate Man is a side project of one Toomy Disco or Mariano Iliuta as he's known to his mum, it's undoubtedly the best thing he's done so far too. Sadly I think you'll find the record is sold out in most places, given only 151 copies were pressed up. Talk about creating an instant, highly desirable, hard to find record. I'd suggest putting Traveller on your radar if you haven't already, in case you miss any more gems from this Finnish goldmine... Check out a clip of 'The Prologue' below...

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