Thursday, March 14, 2013

Press Play #68 - Marcel Vogel

Ok well i missed my February deadline on a bunch of things that were meant to go up on anoe, not unusual really given the frenetic pace of life outside of the blog these days, not unusual given the ever increasing gaps between posts on the blog. It should be said though, i continue at the very least to hunt out new (and old) participants for our top line of mixes; sterling dj's who love their trade more than air... well almost. I have some other things that must go up too..

So February has traditionally become the month in which Marcel Vogel drops in on our little corner of the www and hands over a new mix for the Press Play series. As already mentioned, i missed the February deadline, so rather belatedly here it is. The mix comes off the back of Marcel's recent mini tour of the States and includes a few tunes from digging sessions out there. What a great mix it is too. Once again, as is often the case when listening to one of Marcel's sets, i'm inspired to go record hunting, as well as to harass the man about who done what track. 

Mr Vogel's label Lumberjacks in Hell is really doing the business right now what with those killer Hugo H tracks hitting shelves about a month back. If you aren't aware, however, that Marcel has also launched a second label called Intimate Friends then 'like' this page. With its focus on original music and some amazing producers, I.F. promises to be a rather splendid affair. I've heard a bunch of tracks made for the label and can say i'm itching to get my hands on all of them. Friends kicks off with a ltd edition 7" featuring remixes of Marcel and Milos Gersi's remake of 'Body to Body'; one by Ruf Dug, the other by Jordan Czamanski, both killer items.

For now however, download this...
press play #68 - marcel vogel - who let jeff in?

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