Friday, April 18, 2014

absolutely straight

I'm not breaking any new ground here, just highlighting a track that's been getting a fair bit of play at a.n.o.e. headquarters of late. Phantom Band were made up of a couple of ex Can members and some Dunkelziffers. According to Discogs they initially focused on the Fusion Jazz sound of late Can before shifting in an Art Rock direction. Thus their debut eponymous lp would be the one that peaks my interest most... Weirdly the album's soft blue, chalky, new age/world music sleeve feels disconnected from the good stuff inside it (maybe im reading it wrong); i somehow can't bridge the magic sounds of Hulger Czuckay, Dominik Von Senger, Helmutt Zerlett and Conny Plank with it's thin 80's veneer. Anyway, i been spinning 'Absolutely Straight' quite a bit... those drums, those keys, the spacey bits, it's inventive jaunt... it's anything but absolutely straight... check it if you don't know it..

Phantom Band - Absolutely Straight

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