Thursday, April 10, 2014

Press Play #75 - Asai

Japanese selector and producer Akihiro Asai aka Dj Asai drops in on a.n.o.e. with a drum heavy mix of serious quality. I first found out about Akihiro as one half of the edit duo Everybody Must Get Stoned or E.M.G.S. You can check them out on Soundcloud here, though you'll notice they haven't been all that busy of late. Back then i was blown away with their original take on things, i still am; some serious digging went down when putting their two 'Editors Must Get Stoned' ep's together. Long time readers will remember me ranting about them before, so i'll just add that they made a real impact on me.

Anyway Akihiro is probably better known these days as a resident dj for the fantastic Dawn parties at Grand Space Quark in Tokyo, where he has played alongside underground heavyweights like Kenji Takima, Dr Nishimura, Chida, Lee Douglas, the Idjut Boys, Shota Tanaka and Dicky Trisco amongst others... i mean, that's some serious cred right there. But 'Ese Ethno', his brilliant mix is all the convincing you'll need.... Huge thanks to Akihiro, i am honoured and very grateful sir. For the rest of you, grab this all styles gem, play repeatedly...
press play #75 - asai - ese ethno

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