Wednesday, May 28, 2014

inner circles

On a recent'ish dig i found two Ian Carr's Nucleus albums ('Solar Plexus' & 'In Flagrante Delicto'), both of which are really superb Jazz Fusion records. They are the first Nucleus albums in my collection and they sparked a bit of a research frenzy into the band's members and other records that might surround it's core. New Zealand born, keyboardist Dave Macrae was a member of Nucleus for some years but ultimately left the band to work on his own project with his wife Joy Yates. Together they created Pacific Eardrum. From what i gather there were 3 different albums during their 2 or 3 year run. Later Dave would work with Robert Wyatt, Richard Sinclair and many others, even later he joined a re-united Soft Machine. There's a fair bit of gold to be found on Pacific Eardrum records, but tonight i'm playing 'Inner Circles' from their second lp 'Beyond Panic' over and over and over ... Latin flavoured Fusion heaven for ya then.

Pacific Eardrum - Inner Circles

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