Monday, May 12, 2014

Press Play #77 - Norio Sato

Anyone who takes digging seriously knows Norio Sato and his Osaka based rarities store Rare Groove. Any time you see quality international heads playing in Japan, it won't be long before you also see Instagram posts of them in Norio's shop. Rare Groove has been open since 2007 and its stock primarily reflects an interest in music made for dancing; new, old and hard to find titles in any genre. Of course Norio is also a dj and he runs the expertly curated Metro club nights with Daisuke Kakimoto; their guests have included Cos/Mes, Tiago, Invisible City Dj's, Lexx, Altz, Mori Ra, Lovefingers, Land of Light, Basso, Chee Shimizu, Michael Kucyk a.k.a Noise In My Head, Michael Ozone, Steel Bonus, Roland Tings... the list goes on (it's a killer list if ever there was one). Norio has also played alongside Daniele Baldelli, Rahaan, Todd Terje, Joel Martin, Bepe Loda, Soft Rocks, and Mongolian Jet Set amongst others.

I feel incredibly lucky and deeply honoured to have Norio join the Press Play series, the mix is made entirely of Japanese records which makes it doubly special. It's a very fine thing too and as eclectic as you like; if you're anything like me there will be more than a few new additions to your wants/needs list.... Thank you very much Norio for this truly wonderful and uplifting beauty ... for the rest of ya, don't sleep!

press play #77 - norio sato - nippon no ongaku