Friday, June 13, 2014

Press Play #80 - Mad'r

Rogier Keller aka Mad'r is a Rotterdam based dj and music connoissieur, he's a heavy- weight digger with an ear for Disco not Disco, slept on left field Euro Dance, No Wave, Afro beats, deep burnt Electro, forgotten soft Rock grooves, off kilter space wonkiness and things that'll make you dance like an extra in a Twyla Tharpe production... in a good way of course. Sometimes i think Mad'r is Rotterdam's answer to Loud E, well kind of, but different? What i do know for sure, from following Rogier on facebook, is that he is often out in the field digging for exotic finds. Check his 'Excess Baggage' slo mo mix on Soundcloud for proof; it's a seriously fine head nodding journey, like some photocopied memory of hot vhs neon love blasting out of my mom's Ford Capri way back in time.... for real!

And so we reach number 80 in the Press Play series, we celebrate this grand feat in the company of Rogier 'Mad'r' Keller. According to Mad'r his 'Monopoly on Suffering' mix for us meditates on 'how different cultures cope with suffering'. The journey takes in Africa, Spain, Western Europe, the U.S. and American Indian territories in the search for answers. He says 'don't identify yourself with your culture, race or sex', but rather 'identify yourself (if u must) with a human cause', after all this is what we are most. I love this mix, it's packed with unusual dusty grooves; varied and meaningful but also just groovy. It's the kind of mix that will make a road trip feel... life altering... even epochal... Sadly there is no track list, but Rogier send me a photograph that gives a few clues to those who need 'em (you'll find it in the comments below). Thanks so much Rogier for dropping this wonderful mix on us, it's been an education... everyone else you know what to do.... 
press play #80 - mad'r - monopoly on suffering

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