Sunday, August 27, 2006

Real Deep Dub

Lil Big City EP by Kool DJ Dust was released about a month ago on Peekaboo Music out of Sweden. I had a hard time deciding which of the 4 delicious tracks to put up today, but i ultimately went for the very seductive and deep dubby downtempo number 'Real Love Dub'. The other 3 tracks are really great NYC, b boy, choppin the beats numbers with real classic qualities to 'em and big attention to some really hot breaks. Daniel Savio aka Kool DJ Dust describes his sound on the ep as 'audio graffiti' which definately works as a descriptor of the other tracks. 'Real Love Dub' is a long hot summer drive through the city track, diamonds in the back, digging the scene with green... the way i see it. check it out people, see if u think this Swede has it, I do.


Scholar said...

Excellent selection. You post some wonderful music on this site, and soon a lot more people will catch on and start paying you regular visits. Thanks for another incredible track.

christopher keyz said...

thanks Scholar, nice to get a comment for starters and such a kind one at that.