Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dr Rubberfunk's 'My Life at 33' album is a great blend of Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco & Latin flavors peppered with some fantastic found sounds. It's a top summer album (yeah its summer in SA) with lots of punchy grooves, though it has some delicate reflective stuff on it too, of which 'Minus Three & Falling' is unique and truly superb. The doctor has his own way of going about things, infusing everything with a ton of funk and depth which makes this album, not just your average beatheads journey. U get 'Baby Bossa', a funky latin jam which has been getting repeated plays here today and u can find the album on Southern Fried.


Dr Rubberfunk said...

Hey Christopher - thanks for the kind words and support! It's still a bit of a suprise for me to find that people halfway round the world are listening to music I made in my spare room :)
Love that Rubberducks picture - if I had a quid for every time some review or listings editor put that instead of Rubberfunk, well, I could probably buy you a round of drinks ;)
Anyway - thanks again for the props - means alot and it's very much appreciated!
All the best, Simon Rubberfunk

christopher keyz said...

Well well, check it out people, the doctor's in the house!!!! It's a pleasure Simon, a real pleasure and thanks for not sueing me for putting the track up. I have had your album on heavy rotation and have been punting it to everyone out here i know, it's all good man, something to be totally proud of. Thanks for dropping me a message. Keep on doing what you're doing man!!!!!