Saturday, October 21, 2006

Joni Says

It is hard not to love Joni Mitchell, there really is no one like her and she is like none other, she has written any number of absolute classics which touch the hearts of many in the most un-schmaltzy ways. I can see I've lost half of u already but I think maybe it is worth checking out this really beautiful cover of her track 'Help Me' by Nicole Kramer which was produced by one of my favorite masters of sound - Domu, it originally came out last year on Ubiquity's Rewind 4 compilation. Plus I'm giving u a track from Joni's 1975 'Hissing Of Summer Lawns' album which found favour with a few left field dj's over the last few years albeit in an edited form, I guess no amount of convincing will make u believe me, but its true. 'Jungle Line' is experimental electronic tribal funk. Try it u might like it, I love it and remember Joni Mitchell never lies.


Jamey said...

Very cool to see someone post the Joni Mitchell track! Too bad the quality is so poor... (The begining is way overmodulated, not to mentiion the vinyl is a bit iffy... I'm just sayin...) An interesting note is the similarity of XTC's track 'Travels In Nihilon' from 'Black Sea' which uses a VERY similar drum track! (A favorite segue of mine from my college DJ years!)

Otherwise, nice blog... some cool tunes I would otherwise have missed! Thanks fer listenen'!!!

christopher keyz said...

Hey Jamie - yup not the best recording, but vinyl hunters should be urged to go out and find it for themselves, besides this copy belongs to my mom and was played to death over the years, u know i can still see her and her friends in our lounge smoking pot and digging Joni's insights and aural experiments. I do know the XTC track, and yeah you're right about the similar drum track - keep coming back i plan to get on a major mission of dropping some other 70's stuff from all my mom's other favorites like Faust, Steely Dan, Eno, Kraftwerk etc. Thanks for the kind words