Friday, October 13, 2006

Roots Detour

Paul Murphy's Mudd moniker just dropped a very fine dubbed out disco item on, soon to be my favorite Japanese label, Outergaze called 'Flytoget', on the flip side, along with two buddies of his, he goes deeper into the dub soil with a very nice bit of reggae electronica titled 'Colonel Dubbage', pretty dope. Staying on the roots theme of today's post is an awesome technoafro Radio Slave remix of the very rare Congolese track 'Yuda' by Dackin Dakino. The Afro posts here on Another Night On Earth tend to get the least downloads of all the genre's I post (talk about unadventurous downloaders) but you'd be a right potato not to grab this monster remix from this hugely talented man, known also as Rekid, as fast as possible - trust me. Last up is a bit of a dub classic from Sade's co writer and band member Stuart Matthewman, 'Tempest Dub' is great slice of hot summer soul dub nodding with a vocal line some of ya will surely recognise.

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the filter said...

the dackin dakino mix is just great!

greetings from Saigon/Viet Nam