Saturday, November 25, 2006

End of the Rainbow...

Ok so I have a little time on my hands today, so I'm gonna hand over some nu'ish gems for ya. First track up is from Beatconductor, ok so u know how much I dig this man's edits and productions, he has the most impeccable taste in tunes and nearly always gives up the goodies, plus he is so prolific that u gotta run fast to keep up with the torrent of releases he puts out into the musicverse. Today u get his edit of 'Flowers' . Ok so who did the original? Surely someone out there knows who's responsible for this fusion delight, I had a feeling it might be Bob James, but I don't think I'm right on this, it kinda mixes a repetitive string of keys, kinda like 'Tubular Bells' and adds some gorgeous space around it, making it something of a galactic journey into the beautiful unknown, pastoral and star gazing at the same time. Dig it soulfunk hippy! Oh u can find it on Gamm Records.

U also get a little bit of Dwayne Morgan deep, Phillyesque, soul poetry and beats with some magic mellow improved keys, steel drums, violin and vocal manouvers, plus it's actually live. It's off Mahagony Music, which, as u know, is Mr Kenny Dixon Jnr's label, so it works perfectly in his world and then mine too, especially in the mood I been in lately, which is kinda searching and kinda reflective. 'Everything' is what u all want to feel for your loved ones, I hope u do.

Before u think I have totally gone off crazy beats, be sure that is not the case at all, Zumen's 'Man Do Para' is one of those dance inducing Brazillian, broken beats, bass & breaks heavy, up for it numbers from one of my favourite label's Raw Fusion out of Sweden. Raw Fusion is home to some great talent, artists who fuse latin and afro with dubstep and broken beats, breaks and disco with hip hop and all done with discerning dance floors in mind. Beatfanatic/ Beatconductor put his first records out with them, Spiritual South have done a number of top remixes for artists on the label and recently signed up with them, Stockholm Cyclo, Jazz giants Povo, Hip Hop hero's Hearin Aid, Innocent Sorcerers & many others have graced this establishment's vinyl output. My all time favourite with the label is the Domu remix of a 12'th Floor track, but its actually too hard to decide. Basically if u look in my record bag's, the one I use for my Radio Show, or any of the nights I play at, you'll find Raw Fusion stuff lurking.

Nightmares on Wax have a really distinctive downbeat perspective, they're the forerunners of this kind of sound, before Air, before Zero 7 and their classic 'Les Nuits' is a staple on chill out compilations of both quality and crapness. Earlier this year Warp records put out their newest offering 'In a Space Outta Sound'. The album starts off with a track called 'Passion' which indeed is the key to George Evelyn's love of smoked up souldub, hip hop and rich, nostalgic, modern folk, mellowness and indeed the track sounds like a lot of his earlier stuff, it's nevertheless typically beautiful. From here on the album tends to push and pull, with varying degrees of experimentation apon the Nightmare's sound. Latin, R'nB, Hip Hop, Gospel, Orchestral sweetness, Afroness & more bustle with NOW beats, but of course never straying too far. If you are a Wax fan then this album will satisfy, plus there are a fair number of vocal tracks which add gravity to the proceedings making it a full listening experience, a nourishing one if u like. There's less aural trickery here, the focus is on good songs and as such 'In a Space...' comes off like less like a chill out kind of album, but rather as a soul classic. Tagged right on the end of the album is 'African Pirates', a track which seems a little out of place but at the same time, takes things up and out on a positive stripped down midtempo hypno-afro ride. It's sparse and groove inducing and gives u no idea of the stunning richness of the rest of the album, really no idea, which probably makes it a bad choice to post, but hopefully you'll buy it anyway.

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