Thursday, December 14, 2006

Soccio Dunnit!

My buddy Chris very kindly gave me vinyl copies of Canadian born Gino Soccio's album's 'S Beat' & 'Face to Face' for which i am truly grateful, what a kind man! 'Face to Face' (1982) is by far the better of the two albums, jammed to the hilt with infectious dance floor cuts. The classic 'It's Alright' is on there, as is 'Remember', but the track that's getting daily spins from me is 'Who Dunnit?'. This track influences and is influenced by an emerging new wave scene and is perfectly merged with the burning embers of Disco in it's final burn (until of course it rises again later). The bass line is all Human League, the guitar riff stolen directly from 'Funky Town', but it's got some classic original vocoder action and lovely girl vocals too, laid over some icy background keys. At 120 bpm's the track will fit effortlessly into a phat electro set being both nostalgic and futuristic, it's all sweetness and ice. Yummy!


kevvy-k said...

hey chris
thanks for all the props, and also thanks for the track off Magick Edit Allstars 4, I´ve been having probs finding that one. Also, I am sure I have an edit of this track somewhere, will try to dig it out.

christopher keyz said...

hey kev - sure thing, who doesn't like your blog, I certainly do. Glad u dug the number 4 Magick Edit, if u want the other tracks from the 12" let me know, plus - yes please, i would love the edit of the Gino track very much - find it!!!!

Anonymous said...

there is one here

Gino Soccio "Who Dunnit?" (Canadian Club mix)


christopher keyz said...

thankyou mr anonymous, very kind of u to point that out, I had the site bookmarked but never checked out his edits, 1 or 2 nice things there. thanks.

kevvy-k said...

i got confused, its actually a prince language edit of "Love Is" that I was thinking about