Monday, September 10, 2007

Cosmic Dust

Sharon Bailey's instrumental version of 'Cosmic Dust' is blissful dubbed out guitar heavy Cosmic Disco of the highest order, released in 1981 on Salsoul. Acquiring a vinyl copy of this is pretty tough, when it is available it costs a fortune. It was however put out on the very excellent Suss'd Records' 'Salsoul Presents: Disco Funk Flavas 2' back in 2004, a double CD motherload of Salsoul goodness. This sounds as fresh as, if not fresher than, a good deal of new releases around at the moment and is heavy on the echo chamber ala A.N.O.E. faves The Idjut Boys, only cleaner - what a track!!!

Sharon Bailey - Cosmic Dust (Instrumental)

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