Monday, September 17, 2007

Magic Maelstrom

Edits, edits, edits - more edits than u can shake a rusty tape cutter at, here on A.N.O.E. Never mind, I have a few delicious crate finds for u coming up in the week, however it must be said I'm very pleased to be able to present you with this new Maelstrom chop job. If you don't know his lovely re-work of Metro Area's 'Muira', it shouldn't be too long before you do, since some very heavyweight dj's like Tim Sweeney & Lindstrom (no less) have been giving it props and spinning it all over the planet since it was posted on 24:hours & Palms Out Sounds (proof if u needed it of how cool and influential blogs really can be). Maelstrom is working away at some original material which should see the light of day soon, be warned, it's rather good. So here's a freshly cut- up bit of Barbara Roy's 'If You Want Me', which has been infused with some of that Maelstrom magic.

Barbara Roy - If You Want Me (Maelstrom Edit)