Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Press Play #8

Two Press Play's in one week! The truth is I was going to keep this back for a bit, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Edit meister, DJ and contributor over at Dream Chimney, JAZ has delivered a monster mix of rarities, dusty grooves, edits and killer classics which challenge, hypnotise, soothe, titillate and seduce. 'Fresh Into the Sexy Night' is a far out Cosmic Disco trip, sublimely compiled for your aural excitement and like it says on the tin, it's real sexy... damn, it's practically pornographic. Jaz, thank you for contributing to the Press Play series, I'm truly honoured to have you on board and I'm delighted to say this may be the best mix of yours I've heard so far. As always find it on the right hand bar under Press Play or right here... An unmissable instant classic!!!!

Track List:
1. Lime: Rendez-Vous on the Dark Side of the Moon
2. Supermax: Gotta Be Something New
3. Body Body (Beat Broker Intro Disco dub)
4. Boomerang: Na Zapadou Ni Ta Novo
5. RAF: Self-Control
6. Pino D’Angio: Ma Quelle Idea
7. Julia Keen: In-A-Godda-Da-Vida (Cosmic Break edit)
8. Coca-Cola & Freud (JAZ edit)
9. Eric’s Friends: My Body is Hot
10. Barclay James Harvest: Love on the Line
11. …and then suddenly, right in the middle of the Peach Pie Nebula (JAZ edit)
12. Eberhard Shoener: Powerslide
13. Black Jack: Jungle Man Jive
14. Dogs of War: Space Conqueror
15. Tim Blake: Generator (Laserbeam)
16. ORS: Dream Machine
17. Loz Netto: Just a Game

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DJ BWYSE said...

Sick. Really looking forward to this one. Thanks for hosting. JAZ always comes correct. Nice addition to the Press Play stable.

christopher keyz said...

I'm really pleased to have it in the series and it's so good too...

John Zahl said...

Thanks Chris and Bobby!

Anonymous said...

The link doesnt work !

christopher keyz said...

the link works - just tested it

Anonymous said...

Yes,it's works now.