Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ghostly Go!!

Here is something all together different to the usual sort of thing u get here on A.N.O.E. but no less thrilling, my buddy Sad Ghost gets busy on the Goth, Punk Funk, Electro, Disco track 'Go' by Tones On Tail on Beggars Banquet from around 1982. It reminds me that there are indeed a number of Goth Disco items worth digging up from their dark moldy graves; 'Bauhaus' 'Kick In the Eye' for one, some of those early Sisters of Mercy tracks which have already seen some reworking too. If you're wondering that's Bowie and Amanda Lear's voices that feature on the edit. A short sharp kick in your Monday morning... someone call Ivan Smagghe at once and play it loud...

Oh by the way, them's some very life affirming lyrics for those moody types... 'Living it up, it's a big kick, it's good for you!'

Tones On Tail - Go (Sad Ghost Edit)

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