Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Press Play #9

New York based producers & dj's Worst Friends (aka John Paul Jones & Ryan Cavanagh) hand over an absolute killer of a mix for A.N.O.E's Press Play series; Eclectic Psychedelic Folk Glitch Balearo Rock Techno Disco is one way of describing it, another would be 'absolutely beautiful & probably timeless'. These guys are unquestionably heading for bigger things, with some great remixes in the pipelines & more on the way, so grab this and say you were there from the start, honestly this is so good I almost have no words for it. The guys have written some notes on each track which I'm gonna include here for ya.. Find the mix under Press Play on the right hand bar or Get it Here

Tracklist & Notes:

1. Venice - Zach Condon
this track was from a cd given out with the music issue of the magazine, "believer". this is the same guy that makes amazing music under the name beirut. the synth and the horns are so beautiful, and his voice is haunting, in a good way. we put our own little simple drums underneath to get the mix going.

2. Burning Palace - Khonner
i recently checked the play counts in my itunes and this is #2. this track is gorgeous. we are pretty much into anything coming out on the type label that this 7" was released on. i think this has a similar feel to the beirut track, unfortunately its in a different key, so we bridged them with some of the drums from the john miles edit. also ryan is partial to this because khonner apparently comes from the land of maple syrup.

3. Stranger in The City - John Miles (Pilooski Edit)
i'm not too familiar with john miles, but i am familiar with pilooski...his edits are definately some of my favorites. not only is the production consistently solid, but the track selection is great as well. d.i.r.t.y. is a fantastic label if thats what you call it. i highly suggest picking up the italian magazine "uovo" if you see it...it comes with a cd, and the last few were compiled by guillaume from d.i.r.t.y., he has quite an ear you know. (the cover photo for the original lp that this was on is pretty sweet by the way)

4. Space = Volume - The Chap (Pier Bucci Remix)
this was on a loeb 12" with some other very cool remixes. don't know much about the chap, but we've always liked pier bucci's stuff. this track is such a slow bpm for someone who writes minimal techno...i have been listening to a bunch of minimal stuff pitched way down anyway, so this really appealed to me. does anyone else think that it sounds like slow, funky, futuristic ragtime music?

5. Shakedown Street - The Grateful Dead
not much to say about jerry garcia...this is such a sick dance track...if this doesn't make you move, you should check your pulse. who doesn't like the grateful dead? C'MON!! (anyone watch arrested development?)

6. Eurodans - Todd Terje
this song blows my mind! every time i hear it i can't help but smile. have you heard this on a good system in a packed sweaty room in the middle the night? forget about it! we love todd, wade, tango, TERJE!

7. Mr. Decay - Gui Boratto
we've been following gui boratto's stuff ever since we heard superpitcher play arquipelago a few years back...that is one of our favorite tracks from kompakt for sure. some of his other stuff has been hit or miss. to us, this is definately a hit...and it happened to sound nice out of eurodans, so here it is.

8. I'm All Made of Music - Ebb (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)
this track was a totally random internet find. we've seen the name jori hulkkonen before, but don't have much of his stuff. ebb, i have no clue, but they really came together in a good way with this one. usually vocals and techno music don't really rock my boat, but the vocal hook in this is so catchy its not even funny.

9. A Tender History In Rust - Do Make Say Think
i probably haven't listened to a band or seen a band live more than i have do make say think. i like this band as much as i like christopher walken guest hosting saturday night live...."rita, what are you an angel, sent from above! i love pasta fagioli!" we snuck a little random announcement from a john fahey live show in there as well.

10. Sunday Morning Sun-g - Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve
if you like records and you don't have this one...go get it. its beautiful. i would have bought it even if there wasn't any music on it...but there is music on it, and its ridiculously good!

11. Mood For A Day - Yes
yes is cool. they always had crazy cover art. this album, fragile, is an amazing album to listen to in its entirety. most of the songs have a bit of a classical vibe to them, but this one is pretty much stripped down to that, it gets all emo at parts too, which is nice.

12. You're All Alone - Tucky Buzzard
gotta give credit to prince vince gallo for this one. he guest hosted a radio show out in california a while back and played this song. i've been looking for a lot of tucky buzzard since then. i think this is still my favorite track of theirs though. nice one vincent!

13. She's A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones
this song is ryan's ringtone, which made me think he would be sick of it and not want to use it. not so however. this could be the best thing that the rolling stones have ever done...i'm sure that there are many opinions about that, but for us...this is one of their best...along with that video where they are all giants.

14. Holden - Lumpette
a little homage to one of the most talented producers making music.

15. Glass Candy - Geto Boys Demo?
my girlfriend recently told me i should try to use that song iko iko for something...either a re edit, or as a sample. shortly after that suggestion i found this on a blog and decided that i might as well not even try because nothing could beat glass candy singing the song over a geto boys beat.

16. Max Berlin - Elle Et Moi (Joakim Remix)
the original of this track is awesome, and joakim didn't disappoint with his remix. not only are all of the man's remixes smoking, he is an awesome dj as well. his set in apt's basement last year was one of the best i have heard in new york! (i didn't know who ron hardy was until he played one of hardy's edits of marcus mixx, and i ran up to ask what it was...so thanks to him for that) we love arpeggios!, plus the spaced out melodica sounds are insane! this is dirty space disco if i've ever heard it.

17. LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous
we kind of have mixed feelings about james murphy. he always seems to be saying there isn't much new music worth talking about or listening to in interviews. i can sort of understand where he's coming from, and can't argue with loving old music, but there is just so much good new stuff coming out. ironically lcd soundsystem's last album was one of the best new albums of this past year. almost every track is a scorcher! i wanted to mix the eye of the tiger out of this, cause the guitar at the end sounds exactly the same to me, but does anyone really want to hear that track...maybe. i guess we'll save it for the next time we play out.

18. Phantom Slasher - Lasagne For 10
well, anyone who visits this site doesn't need to be told anything about this album. this track is definately the stand out for us. holy shit did these guys do a hell of a job on this thing. its epic! sorry if the quality of this track isn't the best, the transfer is kind of iffy, but we couldn't resist using it.

ok, there you have it. thanks for listening!
john & ryan.


Anonymous said...

nicely geezas..

Jamie Schott said...

I'm listening to this mix right now and have been listening to this for nearly 6 years. You nailed it when you said this mix was/is timeless. Now is the point in the conversation where words depart. Been crushing on your blog for a while now. Keep doing what you're doing.

chris keys said...

too right man, im also still listening to it. been trying to get them to do another one for us, but it'll be a tough one to top. :D