Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spaced Out Jazz

Back in 2002, the rather excellent Viewlexx label (owned by I-F) put out a Bankok Impact 12" called 'The Floor', I still can't get enough of a track off it called 'Spazzed Jazz'; a kind of Italo, warped, Disco, Jazz item that blends icy electronica and warm tones very well. Of course you may already know that Bangkok Impact is one of Sami Liuski's many pseudonyms and project names, he's also known as Lolita Strap (a very sexy name if ever i heard one) and Putsch 79 amongst others. Check out this classic, from this very talented guy, then search out some of his releases and support the man.. check out his myspace page here.

Bankok Impact - Spazzed Jazz