Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jealousy and Lies

If like me you really dug Electribe 101's 'Talking to Myself' and you haven't heard Julian Jonah's 'Jealousy and Lies', the British proto house track which inspired the Tribe's masterpiece, then here is you're chance. The similarity is remarkable, and Jonah's almost Detroit'sh piece is a really dreamy, warm, beauty...

Julian Jonah - Jealousy & Lies


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to show some love for your posts, man. Lovely stuff. Much appreciated and certainly turned me on to many artists that I missed first time round.

I love this Julian Jonah track.

Keeping with the Electribe 101 connection, Billie Ray Martin turned up on backing vocals to a later Julian track from 1991 called 'It's a jungle out there'. A nice deep Def Mix dub on that track.


christopher keyz said...

oh thanks so much for that info Paul, i dont know it and will definately check it out... glad u dig the blog :)