Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ramsey's Theme

Ramsey Lewis's 'Brazilia' gets a simple, clean, block party styled edit from the mysterious (aren't so many of them) Walkman on the second EP of his/her/their re-cuts. I've read sources who say in fact it's different editors doing different tracks which are compiled for each EP and amongst them is The Beat Broker, but who's exactly this is, is not known to me and the label on the 12" reveals nothing either. 'R's Theme' as it is known here owes everything to the original, a lush, heavy Soul orchestral item with a big big sound and seriously classic moves, I do love what the editor has done with it, utilizing a couple of sections of this fantastic track and looping them into an almost hip hop, big city drive by workout. Actually I highly recommend both Walkman Edits EP's... hunt em down if u haven't already...

Walkman Edits - R's Theme

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