Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Headz Up

Ok so I'm a little obsessed with a new blog thats been running a very short while, you wont find tracks to download off of it, though u will find a mix or two. Marc Kets' Kumomusic covers all manner of cultural interests, with a heavy dose of writing about clubs, interviews, reviews and A.N.O.E. even gets a mention. I've never actually met Marc, though we began chatting on a South African music board some four years ago. The man's knowledge and opinions are very respectable, and he has a very desireable record collection too. Ofcourse if you've been coming here awhile you'll know he was kind enough (with Kumo compadre Paul Hughes ) to grace us with one of our most popular Press Play mixes 'Paul & Marc get high and go to the beach', which is still getting plays from me. Anyway get on over to his blog, get a mug of something and enjoy the read...


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