Friday, December 14, 2007

the longer u wait, the harder it gets

Sometimes I feel I've posted myself into a corner with A.N.O.E, there's no doubt about how much I love a good spacey Disco track, but in truth I'm a fan of so many different genre's, so from henceforth I'll be returning to my original brief, which is to post what I love from all genre's with the usual Disco lovelies in between. Right so moving on...

While I'm not a particularly religious man, I do consider myself to have spiritual depth and interests, we are not simply here without purpose or reason. I only mention this because this beautiful Giles Petterson friendly, rich, organic Latin breeze has undeniable religious content, it's not what gets me about the song, though it's reaching spirit is certainly infectious. It's the vocals, the instrumentation, the production and it's near perfect CTI Records flava (for it is a CTI
release), that captures my attention, raises a smile and un-furrows my brow. I guess things have been a bit tough around the edges offstage from A.N.O.E. and in tough times, tracks such as this are the ultimate antidote. So here then is the very masterful Latin Jazz beauty 'He Loves You' from Seawind.

Seawind - He Loves You


Anonymous said...

I can always count on some love and inspiration at ANOE. Thank you for it all.. Hope tough times get easier.


matt said...

Hey Chris. Just wanted to let you know I'm still visiting and listening regularly. Thanks for everything and good luck with things.

christopher keyz said...

Hey Max - funny i just knew you'd like this, glad to hear from u buddy.

Hey Matt - always good to know you're about. I checked your site out and see i've missed some mixes with killer track listings, which I'll download shortly, keep at it!!!!

kevvy-k said...

cool! i love the space disco vibe, but I'm more than happy to be hearing from the rest of your collection. Back soon and have to go and do a big retrospective dl. Hope things are resolving themselves, whatever they are, on the non-blog side of life