Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trus'me Speaks

Here's a little interview I wanted to have up last month, some technical issues left me thinking it hadn't come through, but indeed it had. Now there are no sound clips for Tru'sme's debut album 'Working Night$' here on ANOE, just a link to where to go and buy it and hear the tracks on this top album from Fat City, plus u can check the man's myspace. I think you need this!! Trus'me has proven to be amongst the years standout artists, his edits, in my opinion, really take things to a whole other level. His most recent single 'War' has been rocking my boat along with the other two on Stilloveformusic, an all round great label who's new release from Be is phenomenal. Right so Manchester based producer Trus'me answered some questions for me.. here then is that mini interview...

The whole edit scene has gotten pretty big, with lots of producers doing them, your edits seem to push things a whole lot further... what's your view on edits and the edit scene?
It's funny how people have a a different frame of mind when talking about using samples in house music. You wouldn't call a jay dee/Pete Rock production an edit but essentially it's the same formula I use when making music.

You're from Manchester, how much has living there influenced what you do?
The Northern Quarter of Manchester or 'Vinyl Valley' is my first and last influence in what I do today. With around eight world renowned record shops that deal in both secondhand and new records within 100 yards of each other - need I say more. It's not only the shops, it's the people behind them, the knowledge they wish to share about all kinds of music.

How did u manage to hook up with Stilove4music and was it a conscious choice to put your first releases out through an American label?
Not at all, I had a few options at the time but I'm loyal and went with the first person who showed real interest. I guess the whole thing of who is "Trus'me" kinda worked to my advantage - but was never intended.

What motivates you about a song, to take it and make it your own?
It all stems from hip-hop, the perfect phrase that makes you want to dance. Some artists can make you feel that way for a whole track and others have a moment of brilliance that needs to be captured and enhanced for everyone to hear and enjoy.

What are some of your favourite tracks at the moment?
My friends in Edinburgh, Linkwood Family, although in general I don't really buy new music.

U mentioned u are working on a lot of things right now, apart from the album on Fat City what other new things should we look out for?
The launch of my own label 'Prime Numbers' will showcase my own material along with that of new artists which I feel need a break, whilst not forgetting existing greats, which I feel aren't heard enough. Also look out for remixes and standalone tracks for Defected and Eskimo. I've nearly finished the 2nd album where I have worked with Amp Fiddler, Paul Randolph, Piranahead, Diviniti and Chez Damier.

Do u dj? and where can people catch u spin?
I'd like to stress that I'm a dj foremost and you will hopefully see this side of me more often within the coming year as I drag myself out of the studio. Expect anything from jazz, soul, house, hip-hop, reggae, funk, disco, Latin to techno. With my "Prime Numbers" party starting we will be inviting big names to come pay their favourite records in a mix tape style. The first party with Moodymann is to help launch my debut album "Working Night$" is on the 2nd of Dec. Guests such as Juan Atkins, Ron Trent and Piranahead are planned for 2008.


ahgoodygoody said...

this is very cool. i hope you put more interviews up in the future.

BLA said...

Thanks, nice interview. Interesting artist. Really cool site by the way.

christopher keyz said...

thanks guys
I am working on several more interviews as we speak

Johanna said...

There's a new mix by Trus'me up here:

ak said...

void radio did a special on trus'me - featuring tracks from his album working nights.

click/and or copy and paste the link below to download:

listen to void radio the first and third tuesday of the month at 2pm EST. on

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