Tuesday, January 15, 2008

morning re-birth

One of 07's top tracks has to be the very beautiful 'Morning Child' from 4Hero which featured on their 'Play with Changes' album. It was one of those highly anticipated tracks (their first in 6 years) that really came through for fans; It's shades of Minnie Ripperton and the very fine voice of Carina Andersson (who sang on their version of 'Les Fluer') reflected their past interests, but there's a subtle disco edge to it and some serious contemporary Soul mixed in making it rather future fine. Milan Records, who distributed the album in the States, recently put together a digital remix release of the single which features re-mixes by Daddy G from Massive Attack and The Landau Orchestra. It's exclusively available at ITunes and u can get it here, I wouldn't recommend it if i didn't think u should check it out. In the meantime, here is a lo-res mp3 of the Landau Orchestra version, which is superb. The Landau's have been compared to Matmos, The Cinematic Orchestra and others, perhaps, in part, due to their endless search for the perfect blend of electronica and acoustic instrumentation. I dig this classic, organic, glitch'ish, folk'ish take on 'Morning Child' and if u do go buy the hi - res version.

4Hero - Morning Child (The Landau Orchestra Remix)


Haydn said...

Great rework, although it will take a lot to beat the original!

christopher keys said...

I couldnt agree more